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Networks are designed to help people find what they’re looking for.
Let us help you connect and find opportunities within the outdoor industry and more.

About CAN

The Camping Advisory Network

Designed to connect both participants in outdoor recreation and those involved in the outdoors industry with opportunities for growing your personal and professional network. Whether it’s an individual, a small, or a large enterprises, we engage with members across the industry and encourage those interested in outdoor advocacy to join today.

Providing community access to members and provide them a far-reaching voice and positively impact the outdoor industry with timely news, information, and opportunities.


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Welcome to the Camping Advisory Network! We’re excited you’re interested, but first, we need to see if you are eligible for our various groups and advisory network.

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Agree to our community guidelines and connect with our team. Once complete, your request to join will be approved. In the meantime, follow our page.

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Now that you’re in the network and we’ve gone through what that means to be in the community, you’re ready to network with the group and set up your account.

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More than just a social media group.

Learn more about how we see the online community and learn about all things that it can provide you as well as what to expect when you join today!

What CAN it do for me?

  • Instant access to community members
  • Give your voice impact on camping and hospitality
  • Connect you to a network of industry experts, opportunities, information, and news

An outdoor network built for outdoor people.

Providing community access to camping members to give them a far-reaching voice and positively impact the outdoor industry with news and opportunities.

Let’s build a better outdoor network.